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Crime Prevention

FOR WEEK OF: December 22nd, 2013




In Christmas past, counterfeit bills have flooded the local retail world as businesses geared up for the Christmas shopping rush. In Brandon and Winnipeg, dozens of fake bills have been passed at businesses ranging from gas stations, to bars and restaurants.


This year businesses need to be prepared to detect counterfeit money before it is actually passed. The easiest way is to:

  • Just feel the bill and compare it to a real one. Take the time to look at your money.
  • Another tell-tale sign of the counterfeits is the poor reproduction and poorer quality paper.
  • An updated version of the $10 bill began circulation on May 18, 2005, with new security features. On the front, these include a holographic stripe along the left side, depicting the number 10 alternated with maple leaves; a watermark of Macdonald’s portrait; and a broken-up number 10, which resolves itself when backlit.  On the back, it has an interleaved metallic strip, reading “10 CAN” repeatedly along its length
  • Businesses dealing in cash can invest in a small UV light to be installed behind the counter. By waving the bill under the light, employees can pick out a glowing blue Canadian coat of arms and red security fibers on real bills.


For more information or a presentation on “Detecting Counterfeit Money” contact a Community Policing Officer, at 729-2378.