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If you think it is okay to drink and drive, you’re wrong. More than a third of fatal crashes on Manitoba roads involve drivers who have been drinking. That’s why Manitoba’s tough sanctions for drunk drivers are amongst the toughest in Canada.


If you drive a motor vehicle and have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) between .05 and .08 you will face a variety of consequences that may include:

·        An immediate tiered licence suspension of 24 hours to 60 days, depending on how many previous suspensions you have had over a 10 year period;

·        Drivers who have received 2 or more suspensions within a 10 year period are required to complete an impaired driver’s assessment at a cost of $625;

·        Drivers who receive a tiered suspension may also be subject to Driver Improvement and Control Intervention, which could range from a warning letter to a Show Cause Hearing – where further licence suspension would be considered:

·        A $50 fee for reinstatement of your license;


If your BAC level is over .08 or you refuse to provide a breath or blood sample to police, you will face additional consequences:

·        An immediate automatic three-month administrative license suspension;

·        Vehicle impoundment;

·        A mandatory impaired driver’s assessment at a cost of $625;

·        A license surcharge premium of up to $999 to Manitoba Public Insurance;

·        Completion of a driver’s exam or a driving course at a cost of $35-$50.


So, if you still think it’s okay to drink and drive, think again. When you drink and drive in Manitoba – YOU LOSE!  Please keep our streets and highways safe by not drinking and driving.


Be safe – Drive Safe and Don’t Drink and Drive.  Happy Motoring!


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